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World of Warcraft

Wyrmrest Accord, Gadgetzan Auction House

Second Life

Join Club Trix in Second Life on the Mainland in an old brick warehouse.

Wildstar: Dominion

SForze on Dominion Side.

Wildstar: Exile

McShale on Exile Side.
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Club Trix

1st week of each month with a 2-hour set from Antonio Leone. 2nd week of each month with a 2-hour set from Antonio Leone. 3rd week of each month with a 1-hour set of techno from Systems303 followed by an hour of deep trance with Antonio Leone. 4th week of each month featuring a guest mix. Each week closed by Rainlight with the official afterparty. Friday Nights at 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern.

Controlled Voltage

Systems303 presents techno, Saturday nights at 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern.

Mad Music Top 20 Revenge

Parodies and funny music top 20 chart. Fridays, 3pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern.
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About Radio Trix

Radio Trix began as a weekly friday night radio show called Club Trix by Antonio Leone in January, 2011 and quickly grew in popularity amongst players of World of Warcraft, within which listeners have gathered together to enjoy the show every week since. By the 4th week it had added a resident dj, Rainlight. In 2013 it expanded to Radio Trix, permitting others to host shows on the stream during off-hours. The weekly radio show, Club Trix, continues with multiple resident djs and listeners partying in multiple game environments.

If you are interested in becoming a guest or resident dj on Club Trix, or in hosting a show during the off-hours on Radio Trix, contact Antonio Leone.
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Antonio Leone

a.k.a. Trix
It's all about the music. Antonio Leone first got into djing in the mid 2000s as a way to further enjoy trance and techno music and take the experience to the next level. Being primarily a trance dj in a region that shunned trance, she turned to internet radio and has established a following with several successful radio shows spanning the world, including fans in Australia, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, the Philippines, Tunisia, Morocco, and more.

A lover of all forms of EDM, Antonio Leone was given direction and focus from two major influences; Markus Schulz and the Coldharbour label, and hard dance artists like Yoji and Dumonde. Further influences from the lands between those sounds include Leon Bolier, Marcus Schössow, and Cosmic Gate. As such, you can expect a set to contain both the chilling beauty of dark trance and the high-energy wild feeling of harder forms of current progressive house. You can check out some mixes at, all of which will play off of eachother in larger, multi-hour sets.
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DJ Particle

(Amy Stormpike / Pixiz Midlik)
Sound: "Schizophrenic"
Characters: Am˙lin & Pixiz
Club Trix Status: On Hiatus

DJ Particle's "Schizophonia" style has been described as a club version of "Jack FM", not limiting herself to any one style or genre of dance music, exposing dancers to numerous styles in the same set, and she's been doing this school of club DJing for over 15 years, counting real-life venues like Club Semesters in Ithaca, NY and online venues like Organica on Second Life among her portfolio. Now she brings her unique club experience to Club Trix!

DJ Particle live-mikes in-character while at Club Trix, alternating between her human warlock Amy Stormpike (Am˙lin) and her goblin warlock Pixiz Midlik (Pixiz). Amy encourages dancers to "blow shit up" on the dance floor and is very outspoken. Pixiz is young, plucky, and perky, a typical Kezan party animal. Both personalities strive to add to a more immersive Club Trix in-character experience.

DJ Particle is also a comedy music artist and DJ, and her comedy music showcase "Mad Music Top 20 Revenge" can be heard Fridays on Radio Trix and the WoW Community's very own Fire Mage Radio!
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Inspired by the likes of Jeff Mills and The Advent, Chad Osborn has been spinning Detroit-influenced tracks for two decades. Jump-starting his hardware addiction with a Juno 106, his production has snowballed through acid and techno, twisting dirty textures into hypnotic warehouse bangers.
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DJ @ Radio Trix!

teeeeeeeeeeeext and stuuuuuuuuuuuuff


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